Beautiful Baby

A mother has one job, to love her baby.

There are many babies I have loved with my whole heart. There are many little boys and girls that have touched my life, and shaped the mother I have become.

I thought I knew what love was, who I was and what I was doing in my life. Then I gave birth to my daughter.

The love between my daughter and myself is so evident, it is almost tangible. I recall saying to a very dear friend of mine, while she was holding my brand new daughter, "You think you know how much your mom loves you, but you have no idea." I'm right. Every mother reading this knows I'm right. The capacity God gives you to love rivals the volume of the Grand Canyon a million times over, but I was blissfully unaware of this gift until December 28th, 2007. Now, I know what you are thinking! "What about the love your mom has for you, certainly you know she loves you that much!" True! The capacity you have for being loved is just as big, but it's different when you are the one giving the love rather than receiving it. That is to say, before I gave birth to my daughter I was not aware of the fact that I had this capability. The intensity, the quickness in which the bond happened and the strength it has is almost frightening. Watching her tiny body thrive under less than stellar conditions (which I feel responsible for), learning what could please her so much she smiled, seeing her light up when she sees her daddy, watching her figure out how to rotate things in her own hands and having the pleasure of being around her every day makes me so proud to be a mother, her mom (or in her words...ma ma ma ma ma) and her guardian.

This is my chance to love her like I am loved. To impart unconditional love and acceptance, no matter who she turns out to be. I am loved like this, and if my mom had not loved me this way, my daughter would not know this love. Thank you Mom.


Nicole said...

I'm pretty certain moms are given this love so they won't eat their own children when they're 2 months old and won't stop crying:P

Leslie said...

OMG, that made me tear up. So true. Very beautifully written! Your little girl is gorgeous.

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