A Hot Bed Of Germs

So, we have the sick...again. For some reason, it's hitting us hard this year. Short of keeping the "shut in" lifestyle, I don't know what to do! I really loathe being sick. Especially since it's just a regular, run of the mill no big deal can't exclaim anything like "my leg is haunted" cold. There is nothing special about a cold, just the copious amounts of slime running down Emersen's face. (Yeah, I didn't want to know either.) Although, through it all she remains slightly(majorly) this side of adorable. Despite not taking a nap yesterday afternoon, she went to bed at eight and woke up before five. Now, I don't know about all the other mommies out there but five in the morning is simply not an acceptable time to be awake. So, after about half an hour we tried to go back to bed. Well, we tried anyhow. She was talking and wiggling the whole time. So, around six thirty we got out of bed for good. She made it almost all the way through Sesame Street and then passed out for an hour. Long enough for me to eat breakfast, and starting typing this out!

Yesterday we kind of lazed around the house since Emersen and I were trying not to get sick. I made Paul cinnamon rolls for breakfast, since it was his day to sleep in. (Colombus Day and all.) We did all the laundry, and Paul organized the DVDs. Normally, this wouldn't even recieve a blip of notice on the radar but since Emersen was "helping" I snapped a picture. Yes, all those binders are full of DVDs.

We did manage to get to the exchange to purchase some much needed tissues and a couple other sundries. When did Christmas start being celebrated before Halloween? I mean, the candy is already on sale and Christmas themed EVERYTHING is being put on display! Toys are being pre-wrapped with Christmas paper and candy canes are buy one get one. (Pause to grab a tissue...and to catch my nose...it's running!) Okay, enough grinching. Last night I made a pot pie, with a different take. We had some leftover smoked turkey and I wanted to try using it in place of the chicken in my pot pie. (Pause to grab the rug rat who has something she shouldn't.) Well, the pot pie was fantastic...and I'm almost ashamed to admit that we ate the entire thing. We never eat the entire thing! We usually save half for lunches the next day, but not this time! I should have taken a picture it was so beautiful!

Just for good measure, here are a couple of pictures from the last few days! I was cleaning Emersen's room/finding out what fit her and found this dress given to us by a co-worker of my mom's. The dress is adorable on her, but unfortunately the weather will prevent her from wearing it anywhere to show it off! In this picture, she is "charging it." I don't know how she got the idea that charging something means shaking your arm up and down...but she learned it from somewhere!

This is a picture of Daddy feeding her breakfast at the table. Breakfast was Home made applesauce and rice cereal. She doesn't much mind the cereal as long as it is mixed in with something else!

This is the Hedgehog outfit that I've absolutely loved from the very beginning! She's fitting into it quite nicely now and I'm excited! It has matching socks! I am a sucker for matching accessories, as you can probably already discern for yourselves!

Okay, time for munchkin playtime. Lately our time hasn't been spent playing but rather doing icky chores so I'm desperately in need of some fun baby time!

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bandneuman said...

She doesn't look sick! - - - love all the pics.....mom

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