I literally can not think of one subject to write here, that would make an entire coherent post so I'll just write about what we've been doing lately!

Yesterday Emersen and I met Paul, his Chaplains, and another RP for lunch at Famous Dave's. This week is Paul's birthday (28!) and Chaplain Sauders as well. (I don't know how old he is!) So, the lunch was for a collective birthday celebration.

I took her to peruse Target afterward, since we were already out. She really has become such an awesome baby to just hang out with! She has this sweet face that practically forces people to look at her, and then she gives them the biggest stink eye face you could imagine! Eyes all squinty, mouth curled up at one side. Someday, I'll catch it on film but I haven't been able to as of yet! The only face I've been able to catch is this one lately.

Last night, Paul and I decorated our Guitar Hero guitars. They come with face plates that are interchangeable, but we decided we didn't like any of the lame ones that cost ten bucks a piece. So, we bought two on clearance for $1.99 each and now we have custom made ones. His is appropriately poker themed, and mine is zebra with a little monster face on it! It was so much fun, and so easy to do!

I hate to admit it, and he'd probably be embarrased that I told but the whole thing was Paul's idea! He wanted to make his own, and talked about making the surface look like a poker table. I think he achieved that goal! I didn't origionally know what I wanted mine to look like but I was inspired at the craft store!

The weather is changing, and not too suddenly either! Althought autumn is absolutely stunning here, typically the sun doesn't cooperate to get amazing pictures! I love when the trees are changing color at the top, but the bottom of the tree isn't aware yet and is still a lush green.

Our house was recently painted as well. We are known as the "Ketchup, Mustard & Relish" block. Our house was painted a yellow and red color, and across the street was painted green and yellow. I like the colors, but the general consensus is that no one would pick these colors if they had to pay for it! It was interesting being taped and drop clothed inside my own house for what felt like one hundred hours! It was really just ten hours, but not being able to see outside was really hard!

This will be my update for now. I have a very limited time to get in the shower and dressed before Emersen wakes up! We have a couple of errands to run. We are also going to Sharon and Jordan's house to see them. They were in Southern California for almost three weeks so we miss them!

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