Dress Up

Dressing up my baby in a million different outfits every day is so much fun! I swear, her first word is going to be "outfit." This outfit was supposed to be her Halloween costume, however that is not to be! The sizing was off and it barely fits as of today. I'd hate to see how miserable she'd be in it a month from now! We have a back up costume, that I am going to keep a surprise! This next outfit is one that was hand crocheted by a close friend of Emersen's Gigi. (Great Grandma)
Now, I know this picture doesn't really show the whole dress, but her face is just so sweet!

What is it about baby girls that practically mandates that you dress them in the cutest outfit you can find? I love shopping in general, but having a baby girl makes shopping so much more fun! I see things in tiny sizes, and just melt! I "have to" have this or that because she would just look soooooo cute in it! The huge bummer is she outgrows clothes so fast, I can't put them on her enough!
(I mean come on...purple hat, purple cords and elephants!) I maintain that I have to dress her as often as I can, because this time like most times in parenting goes by so quickly. Soon she'll be wanting to wear boxer shorts under her overalls and body glitter. (Oh wait, that's MY fashion nightmare from 1995!) For now, I dress her how I want and I am loving every minute of it! I have a neighbor with a son, and he dresses himself. His pants are backwards, his shirt is inside out and his shoes are on the wrong feet, but he did it all by himself. I know when Emersen wants to dress her self, I'll probably be ready to let her but a part of me will be sad because I can't make her wear what I want her to!

So for now, dressing her is my form of expression...and I choose to express myself with outfits that have matching top and bottom, along with hats, socks, bibs and blankets! It's going to be a sad day when she grows out of the clothes that come with matching blankies! I LOVE the blankets...they get me every time.

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