She has red hair. She wears a pink, blue and yellow shirt with gray pants. (Her style leaves something to be desired!) She has blue shoes, and a baby named Zachary.

Gabioli is a new addition to our household.

She just showed up today, apparently ready to play. 

Gabioli is the first of I'm what will I'm sure become many many imaginary friends. Apparently this is the age of whimsy and creativity. I'm pleased to know I've nurtured a child who can manifest a friend!

I'm not sure I ever had an imaginary friend myself. I know I had a pretend dog named Butch that I walked on a pretend leash to school, but I was old enough to know he wasn't real. I was putting on a show for my friend! I knew early on I had a comedic gift!

Not to switch gears too quickly, but as Halloween was yesterday, I have pictures of my sweet ballerina!

There are more, but sadly I do not have those ones yet! They are all on two of my dearest friends cameras. So, they will wait. But, for now you get just this one. Want to know why? Because photographing ballerinas is very difficult. They jump and bounce and twirl everywhere!

See? Blurry! Grr!

I'm sure she'll want to wear this outfit 100 times over the next year!

Well, I pseudo-promise to update this blog more often over the next few months. We aren't very busy, which means there isn't much to post on here!
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