I'm just in awe of my daughter every time I look at her.
Like, when was she allowed to get this beautiful? She was a gorgeous baby, and an adorable toddler but now all I see is a beautiful young lady. Despite all of my efforts to keep her from growing up too quickly, she's doing it whenever I blink my eyes, I just know it.

I can't help but speculate on the person she'll become.
Will she be an academic, or athletic? Will she be popular, or the quiet kid in school? Will she want to be a mother, or will she want to be a globe trotter? Will she tire of the constant moving and upheaval of our lives and want to stay close to her mom and dad or will it give her a sense of adventure and let it take her away?

There are a few simple things I want for her. 

1. I want her to find a lifetime partner. Whether it is a best friend, or life mate I want her to have a "person" she can turn to when I'm no longer here.

2. She should know how to cook one killer dish for each meal of the day.

3. She should be able to write a stellar thank you note.

4. I want her to know her passion, and go for it.

5. I want her to know the grasp of unmitigated true love being given by someone who didn't create her. 


Grossly Neglected

This poor blog. If it were a pet, it would have to go back to the shelter.

I have absolutely no excuses!

I am on the internet a good two house a day after Emmie goes to bed, and I have no reason why I can't update this silly thing with some pictures at least.

I guess I used to blog here for my grandma, and her friends at the apartments she lived in...and I still will...for them. They know who they are, and I will love them forever.

So, here it goes!

We are currently in Tennessee on our way to Virginia. My husband signed a lease on a house today, and that house is still occupied if you can believe it! The current occupants will be out and we will be moving in on June 13th.

Now, on to what you really want to see...pictures of my ladybug Emersen.

Emmie was extremely happy to have her daddy back, and now that he is in Virginia we have explained to her that he is simply finding us a "Princess House" and it's going to take awhile to get "sparkles" so we are going to stay with Great Grandpa and Grandma until the house is ready.

This is the day Paul got back from Diego Garcia. She just drooled over that dress in her closet. I made her wait until it was time to go get him to wear it!

Here she is with a buddy in Texas. We have Navy friends that moved just a few minutes away from Paul's parents in Forth Worth. So, on our road trip we stopped in Texas to avoid the tornadoes in Missouri and got to see a ton of family which was awesome.

This is in Arkansas, at a hotel. We stayed over night after leaving my in laws house on our way to TN for Emmie to meet her Great Grandparents.

Well, that's all I have for now. I'll be more diligent about posting pictures more often. 

Lots of love,
Kaci and Emmie
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