Paul's 28th Birthday

We have had quite the day! Starting with Paul's birthday, he turned 28. When asked how he feels about being 28? He simply says "Man, I'm old." I laugh because he is so close to 30! When did we grow up? It feels like yesterday we were 21 and 23 just getting married and starting our life together. Now we have a gorgeous baby and obedient dog!

Around one o'clock this afternoon we headed to Bremerton to get the third photo taken in a four photo series. A photography studio there has a promotion where they take your baby's picture at three, six, nine and twelve months then they mat it for you. I thought it was a smashing deal, so I jumped at it! The only bummer is since their prices are so insane, I won't order any of them therefore I only get to see the ones I pick after the whole series is completed! So in the mean time, we take pictures at Sears!

Speaking of pictures at Sears, here are some of Emersen's nine month portraits!

Are these not so adorable? I'm amazed we got smiles out of her, since it was the second time I was plopping her in front of a stranger asking her to smile and be happy when the light was flashing in her eyes!

Terra is the lady who has taken Emersen's picture since we first had them done. She does an amazing job, and Emersen really responds to her. It's odd how babies "pick" their people. For some reason, she doesn't mind this woman taking her picture! I think it is fabulous because my pictures turn out!

The sailor hat was a total last minute add on! I was talking to our neighbor about how I wished I would have purchased a clean dixie cup cover (the white hat) but I didn't have time. She offered up one of her husband's! So I took it, and I am so happy I did! I'll have to give her one of the pictures I ordered!

This naked sailor one is going to be so much fun to show her boyfriends! I also love this flowery one because it is so feminine and sweet. I've known a lot of babies in my lifetime but seriously, she is SO CUTE! Okay. Enough of the gushing. It's past ten o'clock at night and I have a bedtime routine to adhere to! If you loved/hated the pictures, let me know and leave a comment!


bandneuman said...

We love them!

Anonymous said...

They are great sooo sooo cute
Berta and Francisco

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