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Every Thursday morning, since Emersen was 12 weeks old we have gone to My Gym. If you click the link, it takes you to the company's website. My Gym is all about babies interacting with mommy and daddy and about socializing with each other. The Tiny Tots class is more for the mommies than the babies, but we are moving up to the Waddlers class now that Emersen is crawling! We went to the Tiny Tots class one last time to say good bye to all our friends. Next week we'll be attending a class with babies that can walk!
I love it because it gets us out of the house! They also teach new nursery rhymes and new ways to help your baby with development safely. There are a few things even I didn't know, like instead of holding her hands when she was first learning to stand they taught to hold the fore arm so the delicate cartilage in her wrists doesn't get injured! Of course, plenty of babies have learned to stand the older way but out with the old and in with the new right!

Last night, we had Family Game Night at the McKuen's house. I'm sure I've explained it before, but I'll do it again. Every so often one family hosts game night at their house. They have food and whatever game they want to play ready for the rest of us. A typical game night has about three families at it but as many as six! (Of course, when there are more families we rarely play an organized game!) Last night we played Taboo, and it was a lot of fun. Boys against girls, of course! The girls soundly kicked the boys tooshies! (It happens every time, women's intuition and what not!) Emersen was the only baby last night, but she had a good time playing with Valerie's HUGE remote control. It doesn't control anything, but she likes it anyhow! Emersen loves our friends, and I can
just hand her over to any one of them and she is happy as a clam! It's great because they don't have kids and love the opportunity to play with the cutest baby in the universe!

Now Emersen is taking a nap, which is wonderful because she was so crabby on the drive home! She has been doing so well in the car lately, I'd hate to have her return to her cranky car riding self! She's finally gotten past the whole "being in the car is traumatizing and I can't believe my parents would do this to me" thing. Now she plays happily, or on longer drives just plays until she falls asleep. It's AWESOME!

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Nicole said...

Both our boys are still quite content to fall asleep in the car, so you may have many happy years of that ahead of you:). When Josh was a baby we used to kid that he'd be race car driver because he would always cry until the car hit 40 mph. Once we hit that he was fine. If you slowed down at all and he'd start to cry again.

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