Well Baby Check Up & Clear Creek Trail

Emersen's nine month well baby appointment was yesterday! She weighs 17 pounds, 9 ounces and is 26 1/2 inches long! Dr. Martens said she looks beautiful, is developing properly and there aren't any residual issues with her being a preemie. She is currently in the 25th percentile for weight and height, which is still small but considering she used to be in the 10th percentile progress is being made! I asked him all of my neurotic first time mom questions, which are getting fewer and farther between as time passes. Most of my questions have to do with what kinds of food to give her. Basically, he wants moms to stay away from choking hazards like hot dogs and popcorn. Also, peanuts because of the allergy factor. Pretty much everything else is fair game. I think I'll stay away from eggs/strawberries/tomatoes and other highly allergenic foods until she's one, just to be on the safe side! (Because I am a neurotic new mom after all!)

Today, we went for a walk down Clear Creek Trail. There are several patches of blackberries, and I was reminded of my childhood trips to Klammath to see my great grandparents. Great Grandma Louise would send all the kids (there were countless, too many to name) to pick blackberries, and when we got home she would make homemade blackberry cobbler. She always had blackberry jam on hand too, and I tell you I can taste it in my memory. I can just see myself waking up in the second bedroom to Grandma Louise cooking breakfast, and getting mass amounts of eggs and bacon on the table, along with biscuits and home made jams...so many kinds of jam! Blackberry, Loganberry, plum (my mom made that one) and probably a bunch of others too. I know my sister and I always used to complain about going up there, but now that we don't go I miss it. But anyhow, I digress. Clear Creek Trail was a blast. We went with Mattie and Jason (our neighbors and friends next door). Mattie has this giant SUV, so she fit Cooper in the way back and Emersen's stroller with no hassle what so ever! Cooper had a total blast! He loves going on walks, and riding in the car and today he got to do both! Emersen was napping through much of the trail since the bumpity-bump of the stroller helps her fall fast asleep!

This picture has nothing to do with her appointment, or the trail...but it was just so cute I had to share it! She loves reading her books, which really means having me open the book and point to things on the page that she can "kiss." She opens her mouth and licks whatever I point at, then helps me turn the page and does the same thing! we have a stack of about twenty of her board books out on the living room floor, that I stack up and let her destroy a hundred times a day! I'm not to keen on stepping on the books while trying to get across the living room, but honestly if I were to pick them up while she was awake, I would drive myself crazy. (Short trip, I know!)

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