The Joys Of Crawling, Baths and Laughter

Now that Emersen is a full on rug rat, she's getting into everything! She is at the the window and zoom! She is at the sliding glass door. Then she's banging on my computer, and playing with my change purse. It seems as if her toys don't even intrigue her what so ever!

Bath time is pretty much her favorite time of the day lately. She can splash, and play and generally have a good time! It is one of my favorite times too, because she's contained! Sometimes she takes a quick shower with Paul because we get a late start to bath time, but she loves that just the same!

Lately, Emersen has been laughing so hard! Especially since it's mostly at the things I do to get her to laugh. It's like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! I have this gorgeous daughter, who is one of the happiest babies in the world and she laughs too! She thinks I am funny! It's great! Most of you already know that I am quite the jokester, so we have a wonderful time around here just listening to her laugh! Last night, I was just crawling toward her quickly, and she burst out with the greatest belly laugh. I know all moms love their babies, but I am truely in love with her! She is more amazing than anyone could have described, more than I could have imagined or dreamt, and more than I could ever thank God for. My daughter is like an extension of my soul. Now, I fully understand what it is like to have my heart be outside of my body.

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