Old Mill Days in Port Gamble, WA

Today was an eventful day! There were five of us total, The Other Smiths (Nicole and Ben) and the three of us. We went to Port Gamble, WA to hang out at the Old Mill Days Festival. It is an annual event, with chainsaw competitions (that we didn't stick around for) and plenty of super tasty food (that we gorged ourselves on). Unfortunately, www.weather.com totally disappointed me! The website said the weather would be overcast all afternoon, with little to no chance of showers. Color me yellow when we get there and the sun is shining its best! So, with an over dressed/under sunscreened baby, we kept on truckin'!

The food was tasty, and the booths were interesting. A lot of wood carving (who would have thought) stations, and plenty of "Sign Up Here To Win 2,000 Dollars Worth The _____" home improvement type of stuff.

My favorite part was laying in the grass waiting for the boys to bring the funnel cakes they bought. Emersen was in a particularly good mood, and Nicole was taking our picture. I also appreciate the car show, where plenty of awesome and tricked out old cars were being displayed. All in all it was a great outing, especially considering it was Military Day and we got in for half price!


Nicole said...

Yay for the military discount!! We've regretfully sometimes forgotten to ask only to find we overpaid. Speaking of which, the newest one I found is a waiver for the fee for checked luggage on some airlines. Just show your ID:)

Kaci said...

That's awesome information! I'll have to ask the people at the airport next time I fly. I usually frequent the same airline!

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