What's This Mommy?

Sitting in the bath tub, my inquisitive little girl plays with her foam bath letters.

She's working on her second set, as the last set was handed down and was getting grimy. That set also bore the marks of two mouths with sharp baby teeth exploring what the letter Q tasted like.

I'm kneeling on the floor, scrubbing the toilet thinking "Ah, the joys of having a husband. I get to scrub pee stains off the rim of the toilet, because my husband won't sit down to pee in the middle of the night."

Then, my little WonderKin asks me "What's this Mommy?" I look at her, "That's the letter A."
She replies, "This is the letter A, you're smart Mommy."

I say to her, no she is the smart one and I continue my bathroom cleaning ritual. Scrub the toilet, wet the sponge, wipe the floor perimeter, rinse the sponge, scrub the sink, get the bathroom wiping clothes and wipe the faucet, the counter and the back of the toilet.

All the while, my baby girl is playing with the water and bubbles in her tub.

"Baby, can you find the 'w' for mommy?"

"This is 'W' mommy!" She says, holding the correct letter. "And this is 'O' mommy!"

Yes, I think to myself. Those are W and O. (The feminist in me resists thinking she is trying to spell WOMAN! Because she's going to make an incredible woman, I can feel it in my soul.)

I can't help but wonder if my life had taken a different path, would I be watching my daughter literally learn right before my eyes? Would I know if I was missing it? Would I realize that she, while I was working, was learning and processing and becoming able?

I just love knowing that I can be here with her, helping her become able to do...everything.

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