Emersen's Closet, First Edition

Welcome to Lifestyles of the Adorable and Cuteness!

In this new segment of TheKissingBaby, I will be featuring Emersen and her most adorable fashions. I would be remiss if I didn't focus at least a few blogs each year on her ever growing wardrobe.

Those of you with daughters know, that dressing a girl is so much fun! Each outfit is carefully hand selected by a select few highly trained fashion experts. (Okay, it's my grandma, my mom and myself.)

This edition of Emersen's Closet will feature our newly acquired pieces thanks to Gymboree's Gymbucks sale.

It is all about spring with the new lines out!

Here is what promises to be her Easter dress:

As you can see from her expression, she absolutely loves it! Flowers really are her deal right now! Of course, she's also trying to bring back the 'fro and I'm not sure it will catch on again!

Here is another look, with the precious sun hat! 

Here is Emersen again, modeling the latest in adorable baby swim wear! As a pale skinned person, with a pale skinned child, I appreciate the 50+ SPF swim suit!

So, that was it for this edition of Emersen's closet. I'll be doing more as her closet begins to take over her room, our home, the neighborhood and the world!


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