If it's pictures you want, it is pictures you shall have!

Despite the sun on this day, it was still very cold!

Hats, mittens (and no, her thumbs are not in the thumb holes!) and jackets were a total necessity!

I know this is not of the baby, but I had to share our burger night feast! Sweet potato french fries and a mushroom swiss bacon and onion burger would be my last


If you click the picture, you can see the star border a bit better. Keep in mind, it's my first cake!

This is Emersen, sharing her lunch! She's such a great eater, and always has been. I really appreciate how well she eats, since I have a few friends with picky babies.

She just shovels in all the tasty morsels I've prepared for her!

Here she is, modeling for me! Just before her bath, I put her robe on and had her go find daddy! He thought she looked so cute, I had to snap a few pictures!

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Nicole said...

Great cake for a first week, Kaci!!

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