Patience is a virtue.

Yeah, yeah I know.

"Kaci, it's been so long since you bestowed upon us your wonderous prose!"

"Kaci, when do we get to see pictures of that model-perfect baby of yours?"


I hear you, I hear you. I do.

Things have been hectic around here! A visit to California, and a precious (read: precocious) 18 month old don't make for a ton of time to write eloquently for longer than a minute, two minutes tops. What some people don't realize is, these things take time to write!

So, I leave you with this.

Emersen has now entered the potty training phase of life. Even though her doctor promised me it was too early!

Yesterday, she found Paul making his coffee. And this is how the conversation went:

"Yes Emmie?"

Followed by Paul setting Emersen on the big people potty and nothing happening.

We figured it was time to get her a potty. Her very own pink princess throne. (No, it does not have lame Disney princesses on it, although the seat cushion is so incredibly squishy, I'd like it for my own bum. It's no wonder she begs to sit on it.)

So, yesterday after nap we tried out the potty. She sat down for a good ten minutes, with her juice and the water running. (Hey, I wanted this to be successful!)

I was getting ready to leave for a baby shower, and when I absolutely had to leave she still had not gone. So, I kissed her good bye and left.

Paul says not five minutes later, she peed. ON THE POTTY!!!!!!!! (Excuse the over use of punctuation, I can see the light at the end of my diaper changing future!)

Not only had she gone the first time, but two times after that. AND, this morning when she woke up she asked to go potty and did it! She's amazing, incredible and has the brain capabilities of a genius.

So, I must bid this entry adieu because we have company coming and I still have to get the snacks together.

Please stand by for the next potty filled installment! *wink*

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