The Long-Awaited Posting

Being the mother of a one year old is strikingly different than being the mother of an infant. Before one year, my child was malleable, and willing to do the things I wanted her to do because she didn't know she could do something else. Now, she has her own opinion about what to play with next or whether or not she should get out and off of (she climbs the inside!) the fridge. She also goes and gets things to play with, instead of having me dump a bunch of toys on the floor next to her. She can even go and get a book she wants to read, or her Tupperware shape sorter because she's really into that right now.

Now as a first time mom, part of me wants to dig my heels in and tell her "Mommy said so!" The other part of me, the part knowing about child development and process wins out and I remember how absolute things feel to a child. When I take a toy from her so we can go change her diaper, it is like I've taken it from her forever. So when she throws a fit and I start to get impatient, I have to relax and think about how it looks from her perspective.

Her first Christmas went very well. We were practically snowed in, because on Christmas Eve we got a good six inch smattering of powdery snow. Nana and Papa got here around four o'clock after a harrowing drive up. We appreciate them coming up here to share in all the Christmas wonderful! Emersen was gifted many many wonderful toys, including Elmo Live! She loves that toy, and even signs please when she sees him. She knows he has to be turned on before the fun can begin!

Her birthday was fantastic as well. We had a houseful of people who love us, and have helped in more ways than I can imagine this last year.

She really loved digging into her cake, although the angel food was a little hard to get her hands on. She played in the Dream Whip we made her (I didn't even know about Dream Whip until my mom mentioned it!) and I was happy she didn't get sick from all the sugar. I wanted her to have a nice experience with her first cake, rather than having a sugar high, sugar low and then an upset stomach and diaper troubles!

The rest of Nana and Papa's visit was filled with fun stuff like Emersen's first trip to go bowling, and roller skating! The bowling alley was fun for her, she loved the colorful bowling balls and all the other little boys that were paying attention to her! The roller rink was fun at first! The roller skates may have been a little too heavy for her to enjoy herself. She went around the rink once and was done. So, the rink provides strollers for babies to be strolled around! She sat in the stroller and had a BLAST!

Nana also got a chance to stroll Emmie around so I could go faster around the rink. I loved
rollerskating as a kid, and it turns out I still do!

Emmie also got to know and love her Papa! (Of course, who doesn't love my dad...I mean, he's my dad!) They bonded over Clementine oranges, which are her favorite fruit! They read books, they played on the floor and they walked. It was so stinkin' cute, I wish everyone could have seen it!

Well, my super big One Year Old is awake from her nap. I hope this update is all you wanted and more! :)



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